Season’s greetings & Best Wishes

2014 comes to an end and we get ready to close a stage and open a new one. We are proud of this year, so we have decided to share with everyone some NEM Solutions’ figures. We hope that they will continue growing in 2015. We honestly wish you all the best during this holiday […]

NEM Solutions leads the Saudi Arabian rail market in services for wheelset management and life extension with a new order from Saudi Arabia Railway Company (SAR)

Saudi Arabian construction company RTCC (Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company) has awarded NEM Solutions with a new contract for advanced wheel life cycle management for Saudi Arabia Railway Company’s (SAR) workshops. With this contract, SRO (Saudi Railways Organization) and SAR, the two most important companies operating the railways, are provided with AURA wheel, a tool […]

Big Data applied to the O&M of assets

We are living in a time where once any topic becomes trendy, we immediately feel that it will be the solution to all problems. Big Data is one of those trendy terms, as Business Intelligence and other intangible concepts used to be short time ago. These concepts, instead of fixing problems, make it more difficult […]

Predicting maintenance problems from SCADA data and expert systems – Windpower Engineering

This month we have been published by Windpower Engineering. Take a look at the case study we presented. “The case study presented here demonstrates how SCADA data and expert technology makes it possible to detect wind-turbine failure symptoms and the impact these symptoms have as they open the door to optimized, dynamic scheduling for wind […]


NEM Solutions is currently looking for a DATA SCIENTIST/ENGINEER with experience for an immediate vacancy. Job Characteristics Title: Data Scientist and Engineer. Department: Engineering. Area: Diagnosis. Location: NEM Solutions (HQ), Parque Tecnológico de Miramón. San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain. Start Date: Immediate. Contract: Permanent position awarded after successful completion of 12mths initial contract. Salary: Negotiable, based […]

We take part in the evolution of the “Smarts Cities” by developing maintenance systems for unattended payment toll equipment.

We will take part in the project proposed by BIDEGI and the Cluster of Mobility and Logistics from Euskadi developing an intelligent application to optimize the maintenance of payment tolls. The aim of the project is to increase the quality of the service offered by the unattended payment equipments such as credit cards and TAGs. Thanks to our outstanding technology A.U.R.A, we will provide early detection of the failures affecting the assets. Therefore, […]

Advanced Monitoring: How to increase reliability with existing SCADA data.

Failure modeling and early detection is a key issue in the wind energy sector in order to avoid important costs derived from unexpected maintenance actions and operations, more so in offshore wind farms. Being able to predict the remaining useful life of a component can allow altering the operating conditions of the turbine so that […]

NEM Solutions empowering the TTC with new A.U.R.A wheel based WILD equipments

We have recently added the strengths of our A.U.R.A wheel system to empower the latest predictive maintenance installation performed by ourselves on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) infrastructure, consisting of two Wheel Impact Load Detection (WILD) equipments. These WILD equipments supplied are based on the latest optical fiber technology and are already being used worldwide. […]

Optimising rolling stock preventive maintenance strategy in South Europe

Recent work in NEM Solutions has been undertaken by our Maintenance Consultancy team to improve maintenance and asset performance in an overseas train depot.  Through a methodology developed by experts in NEM Solutions, we were able to make significant changes to our client’s maintenance strategy to not only reduce the risk of equipment failure but […]

Advanced O&M Approach: Turning SCADA data into valuable knowledge for early Prediction of Catastophic failures

Next week we are going to be at the 6th Annual Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance Summit USA. Our Energy Division Manager is going to explain a Case Study about how advanced monitoring techniques, applied to SCADA data, have increased early critical components failure detection. How those tecniques are a gateway to an accelerated rate […]