Towards a dynamic maintenance ecosystem

Rolling stock maintenance plans (MP) are tightly linked to the OEM of each subsystem installed on board the train unit. Unfortunately, most of the times, OEMs do not optimize their MPs and force rolling stock maintainers to carry out a rigid and stiff preventive MP, which leads to problems such as systematic replacements, non-added value […]


Wind turbines’ (WT) individual energy production monitoring is the basis of any business control strategy of wind farm operators. As the basis, this is only the tip of the icerberg because it is affected by multiple factors and some of them impossible to be changed like environmental conditions or location. Figure 1 shows how the […]

Next challenge in LCOE reduction

2015 is defining a turning point in the wind market; at least, the stakeholders are defining a new scenario regarding the next challenge to reduce LCOE. This April, in Dallas, some of those stakeholders met to share their experiences and vision. There was a clear convergence point as the new challenge of the wind market: […]

Webinar – Wheelset Life Management

This 50-minute live webinar will showcase the importance of monitoring and managing wheel wear in order to improve wheel maintenance efficiency, fleet availability, reliability and LCC. Register here to register for 7th May at 5pm (GMT+1) WHAT YOU WILL LEARN This webinar will cover ways to optimise wheelsets life through a better understanding of the following […]

Business Driven Data Management

The term “Internet of Things” is creating a technological bubble. Per market trend, many companies are adding services similar to the BIG DATA or IOT concepts. There is also a new concept to show you are on the cutting edge: DATA DRIVEN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. This term may appeal to more than BIG DATA or “Internet […]


Alvaro Campuzano, Health Monitoring Engineer at NEM Solutions will present during the upcoming Wind Energy O&M Summit USA, next 14th-15th of April in Dallas, their patented technology A.U.R.A. This state-of-the-art tool has proven to increase business results in terms of productivity and revenue by using preexisting data. NEM Solutions’ technology, called A.U.R.A. was born with […]

Best Service Company 2015

The Cámara De Gipuzkoa has recently awarded us for ” Mejor Empresa de Servicios 2015 “(Best Service Company 2015). From everyone at NEM Solutions, we give our sincerest thanks for this recognition. This award motivates us to continue working hard, growing, and moving forward everyday. Thanks to the Cámara De Gipuzkoa for valuing our dedication […]

NextSense’s CALIPRI and NEM Solutions’ A.U.R.A wheel join forces

International partnership provides customers with a state of the art solution for advanced wheel life cycle management  Graz (AT) / San Sebastián (SP), 17th February 2015 – NextSense and NEM Solutions have decided to join forces in order to provide the rolling stock operators & maintainers with a state of the art solution for advanced […]

BIG DATA is a problem not a solution

As 2015 begins BIG DATA continuous to trend in all industry sectors. The huge amount of the data that we generate from different gadgets we use as daily tools and the evolution of the industry to a better-connected industry (‘industry 4.0′) are the main contributors. But the markets dynamic behaviour and the continuous competition for […]


MAIN RESPONSABILITIES The chosen candidate will be in charge of a specific market where she/he will be NEM Solutions representative, at both commercial and technical levels. She/he must guarantee a presence and impact that will generate a sales volume aligned with NEM Solutions plan and objectives. Targets will be both quantitative (sales volume) and quantitative […]