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You will only be digital if you have a digital culture

Society has changed and is evolving into a more accessible, sustainable and connected environment. In less than a decade our cities will be very different from the cities we know now. The sustainable model will be different and, mobility and energy will undoubtedly, become two key factors in this enormous change.

At the same time, the news tells us about the great investments the international corporations are making in pursuing this change with the aim of keeping themselves at the top of the worldwide companies that are already leading the digital future and which will remain as key actors in the cities and societies of the future. Time and results have started to provide us with the information that gives us proof that doing everything internally and independently is not always the best way.

NEM Solutions smart cities
This is not a simple transformation and the investment in technology is not enough to produce the real change. What is really a key factor to make the change happen is company culture, together with the willingness to work with external companies that will permit the consolidation of this change. It is widely known that there is no better ally in a digital transformation that the one who has been born in the digital era, with digital genes.

That is why, in NEM Solutions we devote out time and effort to that specific preparation of society and of those companies who want to become digital in the transport and energy sector. The market knows us as technological leaders. However, our mission goes beyond creating products and services, we are determined to share our experience with clients and with our environment, because, honestly, not everything is technological development.

This present summer we have started with our children and the organisation of the first NEM Solutions’ Science Week last July. Seeing children between the age of 4 and 7 learning and playing with robotics, 3D printing and enjoying themselves with physics and chemistry through experiments was an incredible experience.

Science Week NEM Solutions

Without knowing each other well, they enjoyed themselves and shared what they know because thus, they understand they all win, just as simple as that. Everything flowed in a natural way. And what we ask ourselves is, why do we lose that curiosity and collaborative nature? We are all born intelligent and we become dumb with age. They have showed us the way to take the necessary actions.

NEM Solutions Science Week

We will think of a transition path, allowing our clients, if they wish, to collaborate among them. AURA will soon count on a collaborative environment where our clients will be able to share their knowledge so that they can uplift it others’. That is how NEM Solutions has made a commitment with AURA platform’s evolution, awaiting you to join us in this movement of sharing what we know and what we discover everyday with everybody, so that our future generations will be proud of the legacy we leave for them in the areas of transport and energy.

If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will give you all the details of how to access the platform and be part of it.

You can also meet us in the upcoming events.