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Science week for kids in NEM Solutions

Donostia, 28/06/2017.

NEM Solutions launches the first science week to foster knowledge thirst of our children and with the goal of creating a science and technology hub in Donostia. It will be held in NEM Solutions premises, starting from the next 3rd of July.

Science Week NEM Solutions

This first edition is oriented to NEM’s team members’ kids, to boost their passion for learning about the impact of science in the real world. Designed for kids that are over 4 years old, it will be divided in three main blocks: programming and robotics, 3D printing and design and finally, basics of physics and chemistry.

Regarding the programming and robotics field, kids will spend two sessions trying to understand how robots think, becoming one of them and even building and controlling robots in our own installations.

As for 3D printing, it is focused on stimulating kid’s awareness of spacial vision and design concepts, as well as bringing them the possibility to create their own toys. Tumaker will be collaborating with NEM Solutions in this purpose. They will participate actively during our first science week with their 3D printers and their knowledge, based on their domestic oriented customer approach.

Finally, the physics and chemistry sessions will discover kids the magic that is behind the experiments, creating a projectile race based in the 3rd law of Newton, as well as watching and analyzing ADN samples with a microscope.

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